Addiction Self-Evaluation

“Thriving Beyond Addiction” Audio Passages

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Addiction Self-Evaluation

The key to the self evaluation below is to be honest. Avoid rationalizing your responses. The following quiz should only be a starting place.

Answer Yes or No:

_____ Has anyone asked me or commented about my using?
_____ Do I use more, or more often, than I plan on?
_____ Do I feel negative emotions about my using?
_____ Do I hide or sneak my using from others?
_____ Do I cover up my using or the consequences?
_____ Do I have fewer close friends than I used to?
_____ Do I continue to use despite negative results?
_____ Do I think about using for hours before I do it?
_____ Has my using caused me to act undesirably?
_____ Has my using decreased my desired activities?
_____ Has anyone confronted me about my using?

One yes answer should be a concern; three or more and you should seriously consider that you have an addiction issue and explore recovery; six or more and you have a problem. Start recovery immediately.

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